Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jarrod Gorbel announces Night Terrors of 1927

I’ve been a big fan of The Honorary Title since I was in high school, so naturally I was heartbroken when they broke up a few years back. But I’m so thrilled that lead singer Jarrod Gorbel just announced his new project, Night Terrors of 1927. Two songs have been released so far, and I like what I’m hearing so far! Check them out:

The synth pop style of Night Terrors is very different from the acoustic guitar that usually accompanies Jarrod’s voice, but it’s nice to shake things up a bit. I always admire a musician who tries something new, rather than writing the same song over and over again.

The release says that the band will be releasing its first EP in the fall, followed by a full length early in 2014. I don’t know if Night Terrors of 1927 will be able to fill the Honorary Title-sized hole in my heart, but I’m looking forward to seeing where this band goes in the future.


  1. he also has a bunch of solo stuff he did between the honorary title and night terrors...

  2. Yes, I've actually written about his solo album before (http://www.chrisanne-grise.com/2010/09/album-review-jarrod-gorbel-devils-made.html) But I wanted to keep the post short and focus on his new stuff, and not end up listing his different projects. Thanks though!