Monday, August 6, 2012

Concrete jungle where dreams are made

I have now been a resident of New York for half a year. Seriously, where does the time go?

While I still miss my beloved New Hampshire desperately, I've tried to take advantage of the opportunities here that I never would have had at home. I've joined a book club, started training for a half-marathon in the fall, and I volunteer a few hours a week at the Bideawee animal shelter in Manhattan. I've become obsessed with New York bagels (so cliché, I know) and I've learned to avoid Times Square like my life depended upon it. No, I don't feel like a New Yorker, and I'm sure I won't for a very long time. While these six months have certainly not been easy, I know I won't regret pushing myself out of my comfort zone in the long run.

Here are a few highlights of my time in New York so far. Thank you to everyone who helped make leaving home a little easier, whether it be sending me baked goods, calling me for a long phone chat, or even just overwhelming me with tons of book recommendations. I'd be lost without you guys. (I'd also be lost without HopStop. How did anyone move to NYC without a smartphone?)

A scene from my morning runs. Thanks Instagram for making it look so artsy.
Bonding with strange cats in record stores
Of Monsters and Men at Webster Hall, 4/6/12
You have no idea how hard it was not to dognap these little guys at the shelter.
The Lumineers at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, 4/21/12
I have also become obsessed with the ice cream sandwiches from Coolhaus.
The view from Governor's Island
Here's hoping that when it comes time for my "one year" post, I'll be able to brag about Ryan Gosling—New York's real life superhero—saving me from being hit by a taxi. Or something.


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