Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than The Driver Of The Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do

Fiona Apple came into my life during a very poignant time for me—high school was ending, college was approaching, and of course, there was boy drama. Because of the timing, my connection with Fiona's music has always been very emotionally-charged. Every song is so familiar that I know every note and every breath by heart. Her first three albums have been my source of comfort whenever times get rough.

I do not yet have an emotional connection with her new album, The Idler Wheel, (by that, I mean I have not yet bawled my eyes out for hours over it). So naturally, the album feels almost a stranger to me still. That said, let's hope I can get familiar with these new songs without having to go through more teenage angst—I think I'm too old for that now.

Despite the fact that there's still so much left to experience with The Idler Wheel, it's already clear that this has the potential to be her most important album yet. It's raw and challenging, yet beautiful and timeless at the same time. Each song has its own unique personality and sound. Her lyrics are brutally honest as always, and the pure emotion pouring out in songs like "Daredevil" and "Left Alone" makes me want to scream and smash things for no particular reason. She draws out female fury like no other.

Whether you've been a Fiona fan for ages, or just getting into her now, this is a record worth checking out. Here's hoping that her next album takes less than seven years to make.

Favorite songs (so far): "Daredevil," "Werewolf," "Periphery"

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  1. I am OBSESSED with this woman and her new album and basically everything she has ever done.