Thursday, March 15, 2012

The triumphant return of Fiona Apple

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A few weeks ago, I wrote an angry blog post about the Fiona Apple Ticketmaster fiasco. While I'm still unhappy about the situation, I have a confession to make: my friend Ali and I gave in to the scalpers and purchased tickets to the Boston date on StubHub (New York would have been more convenient, but the prices are just absurd for those shows).

I have some moments when I feel irritated that I gave those damn scalpers my money. Plenty of fans are holding strong and refusing to cave in. I completely support that idea, but let's be real here. You never really know with Fiona - for quite a while, I accepted that Extraordinary Machine just might be the last album she ever put out. I saw her once in 2006 and resigned to the fact that I might never see her again. Now that I have another opportunity, I'm snatching it up because maybe this is the last chance. You just never know. So forgive me for being weak, my friends.

Yesterday, Fiona performed at South by Southwest, and people have not stopped talking about her set since. My Twitter feed is blowing up and critics are naming it as one of the best performances of the festival so far. Plus, she played three new songs (gah!).

So I watch this video and feel giddy, knowing that in just a few weeks, I will be in the crowd while Fiona flails and shouts and acts like she's possessed. Welcome back, Fiona. I can't wait to cheer myself hoarse in Boston.


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