Friday, December 9, 2011

City and Colour - live at Terminal 5, 12/7/11

I waited seven years to see City and Colour live. This past Wednesday, I finally made it to see Dallas Green and friends at Terminal 5 in New York City, and they were absolutely phenomenal. There will be no dorky jokes or snarky comments in this post, because I'm still just too in awe of Dallas's voice to attempt any sort of wit.
This photo is not actually from my event, but you guys probably are not interested in the crappy cell phone picture I took myself.
It is truly an honor to watch such a gifted musician perform. Unlike many of today's famous acts, Dallas doesn't need a flamboyant costume or flashy backdrop to distract the crowd, and he certainly doesn't need Auto-Tune. All he needs is a guitar, his amazing voice, and some fellow (and also very talented) musicians to accompany him. The fans were enthralled, singing along loud enough to be heard throughout the entire set. It gave me goosebumps more than once.

During the set, Dallas thanked fans for braving the downpour of rain to come out, rather than curling up in their jammies, and then began cracking jokes about how City and Colour was pretty much the "musical equivalent of pajamas." You wouldn't know it from the music, but Dallas is a pretty hilarious guy. When a heckler in the crowd interrupted some of his goofy ramblings, Dallas sassed him right back. If his career in music doesn't pan out, I'd pay to see him do a little stand-up comedy.

"The Grand Optimist" (this one is actually from Wednesday's show):

This concert was so worth the wait. Let's hope Dallas and I meet up again before another seven years go by.


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