Wednesday, October 12, 2011

People and Things - Jack's Mannequin

The new Jack's Mannequin album will not stop toying with my emotions. One minute, peppy songs like "Release Me" and "Amelia Jean" are making me want to twirl in circles in the sunshine and shout about how beautiful life is. Then suddenly, the slow acoustic "Restless Dream" comes on and I'm fighting the urge to burst into tears at my desk, for no apparent reason. Then again, this is nothing new when it comes to mastermind Andrew McMahon's music, whether it be Jack's Mannequin or Something Corporate. His lyrics are both powerful and vulnerable at the same time; pair that with some piano pop and a few haunting guitar riffs and I'm a goner.
Andrew plots the next way to make me cry.
All of the songs on this album are worthwhile, but a few of my favorites are "Release Me," "Television," "Amelia Jean," "Restless Dream, " and "Casting Lines." (You don't know how hard it was to not just copy and paste the complete track list here). Plus the more I listen to it, the more I like all the songs. There are a lot of bonus tracks floating around as well, and they are just as good as anything on the official release. In fact, "No Man Is An Island," off the deluxe edition, is one of my favorite new Jack's Mannequin songs.

Andrew is a Leukemia survivor, and his determination and appreciation for life shine through every song. So despite making me desperately sad at points, People and Things mostly reminds me that it is good to be alive. Crank up the volume, dance around to this album, and be thankful for what you have (and for the existence Andrew McMahon and Jack's Mannequin, of course.)

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  1. I would be lost without Jack's Mannequin. seriously.