Friday, September 2, 2011

Album Review: Hard-Fi - Killer Sounds

The guys of Hard-Fi deserve to be so much bigger than they are, at least in the U.S..  To this day, they are one of the only bands I love that I’ve never seen live, simply because they have not appeared anywhere near me. Getting their albums anywhere near the release date is always a complicated process –  for once, the U.K. gets it before the U.S. I’m an American, dammit, and I demand instant access to everything!

But this top-quality English dance-rock IS actually worth however long you have to wait, thank goodness. The band’s latest, Killer Sounds, lives up to the name quite literally. The record easily keeps up the reputation set by the previous two full-lengths.  Talk about catchy. I dare you to resist busting a move while listening to this. 

Here’s the sampler the band released before the album dropped. I am pretty impressed with the ability to skip back and forth between songs. Why aren’t more artists using this nifty technology?

My current favorites: “Fire In The House,” “Give It Up,” “Stop”


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