Thursday, November 4, 2010

A love letter to Good Charlotte

Yup, this post is happening. I went to a college of hipsters with messenger bags full of cigarettes and Vampire Weekend albums on vinyl, so I naturally have grown wary of admitting to liking any pop-punk bands. But when it comes to this particular band, I have no shame. So here we go.

Good Charlotte’s new album came out this week and I am loving it. You have to understand that this band was one of my first favorites. I made collages of their magazine pictures and hung them on my bedroom walls. They were the first band I ever saw in concert (on tour with Mest and Something Corporate - those were the days). I bonded with a girl on my JV field hockey team over The Young and the Hopeless, and to this day, she is still one of my absolute best friends. Good Charlotte is one of the main reasons I became interested in music and "the scene," so essentially, I might not even have this blog if it weren't for their music.

No matter what, GC will always have such a special place in my heart. I still have the worn out hoodie I bought at that first show (and I still remember the date: October 10, 2003). We’ve all grown up - they’ve gotten married, made babies, and traveled the world while I graduated from high school, then college and then got a “real job.” So yes, a lot has changed but now we are reunited and it feels so right. It’s like I’m 14 again. So thank you, Good Charlotte. My life would suck without you.

EDIT: Joel Madden read this post when I put it on Twitter (whaaaat?!?) and tweeted this to me:

That's right. This entry is Joel Madden-approved. (Let's be honest here - my inner 9th grader is totally screaming and doing cartwheels around the room).


  1. so proud of you for posting this!! GC <333

  2. I feel the exact same way. If I were to write a blog this would be it. Good job! And yes THE NEW ALBUM IS AMAZING. I miss OLD GC days and this album reminds us fans why we love them in the first place!

  3. Thanks for your kind words. And I totally agree about the album!