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Florence and the Machine, House of Blues Boston, 10/31/10

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Let's just talk about how insane Florence Welch's voice is. She's amazing enough on CD, but she's almost mind-blowing live. I basically had goose bumps the entire show. Many of the other dates of her upcoming U.S. tour are sold out, but you need to be there. Buy from scalpers, sneak in, or do whatever it takes. Trust me.

In a world where talentless idiots like Ke$ha and Snooki are everywhere, it's refreshing to see Florence and the Machine earn Top 40 success. Her single "Dog Days Are Over" is burning up the radio and pretty much every TV show and commercial airing these days features one of her songs. And this is only her debut album.

Last night's show at the House of Blues was just perfect. It was the kickoff of her American tour, and on Halloween no less. As Florence pointed out, many of her songs are pretty spooky; she's got lyrics about coffins, werewolves, ghosts and even a girl with one eye. As if that weren't enough, the whole band (or the "Machine," if you will) dressed up as skeletons, and Florence was their creepy queen in an elaborate gothic dress and face paint. She shrieked like a banshee, pounded her drum and twirled around onstage like an eerie, flower-covered ghost.

Here's someone else's video of her talking about Halloween and singing happy birthday to one of her band members.

The set list:

1. Howl
2. Drumming Song
3. My Boy Builds Coffins
4. Girl With One Eye
5. Cosmic Love
6. Blinding
7. Halloween/Happy Birthday interlude
8. I'm Not Calling You A Liar
9. Between Two Lungs
10. Strangeness and Charm (apparently this was the first time they ever played this song at a show. I feel so privileged).
11. Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)

12. Heavy In Your Arms
13. Kiss With A Fist
14. Dog Days Are Over

My personal favorites were "Howl," "Cosmic Love" and "Rabbit Heart." But Florence's astounding live performance made me enjoy songs that I don't always care for as much, like "I'm Not Calling You A Liar" and "Between Two Lungs."

Her performance of "Cosmic Love." It still gives me chills, I swear:

Be sure to check out the rest of these videos of the show on Youtube, because they are all fantastic.

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  1. ok i swear i just posted a comment but blogspot DELETED IT or something...

    ANYWAY i am SO JEALOUS OF YOUUU but it's good to know that she's more amazing live than on recording. i hope she come back ASAP so i can JUMP on those tickets. so sad the two NYC shows are sold out :(