Monday, November 1, 2010

Album review: Hurricane Bells - Down Comes the Rain EP

Hurricane Bells
Down Comes the Rain EP
Written for Performer Magazine

Steve Shiltz is a busy man. After taking a break from his band Longwave, he released a debut Hurricane Bells album this past February. Now he is already back with a five-song EP, Down Comes The Rain. 

Fans who first heard Hurricane Bells through Twilight might be in for a surprise. That song, "Monsters," is more rockin' and electric. Most of the tracks on the new EP are softer, with Bon Iver-style vocals and an acoustic feel. Basically, everything you need to know about the record is in the title; this is perfect music for a rainy afternoon. Feeling a little depressed by the downpour? Crank up Hurricane Bells and all the gloom suddenly seems beautiful.

Just don't tune out for a second, because the EP is over in a flash - that's the only negative here. (Invisible Brigades)

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