Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another post about how much I love The Airborne Toxic Event

Pretty much every other post I write these days is about The Airborne Toxic Event, but bear with me, because here comes another brief one.

A couple weeks ago, they released a live CD/DVD combo called All I Ever Wanted and it is SO GOOD. It was recorded on one magical night this winter at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. I was expecting just a basic recording of a live concert with maybe a little commentary thrown in, but this is so much more. It's a full-out documentary with backstage footage, interviews and other goodies. Plus, the band performed several new songs, so now we have high-quality recordings of them. And they are beautiful! Seriously, "Duet" makes me want to weep like a little girl.

Here's the trailer:

This concert must have been so epic. There is the Calder Quartet (who were part of the show I attended last month) along with a children's chorus, a high school marching band, a handful of extra musicians and even some crazy Spanish dancers with a name I can't pronounce. To say that I am mad jealous that I missed out on this show is an understatement.

I've said it a million times before and I'll probably say it at least a million more, but the Airborne Toxic Event is one of the best live bands. They bring so much enthusiasm and energy to the stage.

Buy this CD/DVD package now. Seriously.

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  1. "...the Airborne Toxic Event is one of the best live bands." So true.