Wednesday, September 1, 2010

CD review: Archimedes, Watch Out!

Album: A Face for Radio, by Archimedes, Watch Out!
Written for Performer Magazine, September 2010

This six-piece pop-punk outfit recently won a contest to play the Houston Warped Tour date this summer, and after listening to their debut EP, A Face For Radio, it's easy to see why. The album is an energetic and well-crafted collection of songs that will have both dudes with mohawks and girls with neon booty shorts moshing and jumping in time to the music. That's not meant as a diss - in fact, the music of Archimedes, Watch Out! is far more fun and refreshing than most of the generic pop-punk bands springing forth from MySpace. The music is polished and the vocals are smooth, but the enthusiasm never runs out, and that makes this band a damn good time.

The opener, "Congratulations," lets the listeners know what they're in for right away. It's bouncy and poppy but also heavy enough to engage the rock crowd. Gang vocals complement the live feel, right from the first shout. This song sets the tone and gets the momentum building for the rest of the EP. Just don't use up all your energy during that first track, because the songs refuse to slow down until the acoustic "Honestly (Between You and Me)." This song seems like a necessity just so the crowd has a moment to rest (and pull out their lighters and phones, of course).

Archimedes, Watch Out! may be relegated to a minor stage this summer, but it's not hard to imagine them playing bigger stages sometime in the very near future. (Self-released) // Read the article on Performer's site


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