Friday, May 7, 2010

CD Review: Amory Sivertson (for Performer Magazine)

RECORD REVIEW: Amory Sivertson
How To Run Away
Boston, MA
Produced, engineered & mixed by Mike Moschetto
Mastered by Mike Davidson at Zippah in Brighton, MA
By: Chrisanne Grise

The cover art to Amory Sivertson's second full-length album, How To Run Away, features a gloomy downpour of rain, but don't be fooled. These jaunty piano "folk-indie-pop-rock"tunes are more likely to make you skip down the sunny street than feel depressed. The fact that Sivertson found time in her busy college schedule to record two albums is impressive enough, but her powerful voice is even more incredible. It soars above the perky piano and the gang of strings and horns, creating a collection of songs that are both beautiful and moving.

The quirky lyrics tackle everything from love and hope, to traveling around Europe. The piano is so upbeat and the vocal delivery is so smooth and lighthearted that it's often difficult for the listener to notice when the lyrics become straightforwardly sad. But there are plenty of optimistic and whimsical songs to go around as well. In the dreamlike "Hickory Hill,"one of the best tracks on the album, Sivertson sings,"A picnic of songs and a bottle of wine / Your heart in my palm and your head in the sky / And it moves me, it just moves me / If you enjoy wasting the time, is it wasted at all?"

Sivertson began playing piano when she was 7 years old, and the years of practice have really paid off. But it is her voice that really sets her apart from her peers and fellow musicians. This becomes especially evident during key tracks such as the handclap-filled "Read My Mind"and the rollicking "Dolly Say Yes."Together, these 12 tracks make up a sweet and genuine album that will have fans singing along softly and yes, skipping down the street. (Wax on Felt Records)


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