Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Under new gorgeous management

Haven't had much time to post over the last few days, since we're traveling around the country now and internet is expensive. Right now, we're in Queenstown, the southern-most point of our journey. It's mighty chilly here, which I don't really appreciate. But ironically, I actually avoided rain by coming to New Zealand. New England is having a terribly rainy and cold summer, so at least I'm not missing out on great weather at home.

Queenstown is a pretty hip little place. Lots of skiers, snowboarders, and extreme sports fans wandering around. We'll be going skydiving later on in our journey, but not here, so we're just enjoying the shops and scenery. Today we visited a few Lord of the Rings locations, because we're nerds. Obviously the movie sets aren't up anymore, but you can still see the land they filmed on. We wanted to visit this place called the Ice Bar, where everything (and I mean EVERYTHING, including the cups, chairs, walls, etc) is made of ice. But it was way too expensive. Oh well.

I'll post pictures at some other time, because I can't afford any more internet time right now. But some day soon, I'll show you all the cool pictures from Christchurch and Queenstown.

Oh but before I go, New Zealand has the best hot chocolate. I've tasted it at several different cafes in different cities, and each time, it seems to get better than the last. It's always extremely chocolately (I generally like 6 to 7 heaping spoonfuls of cocoa powder in mine), never too hot or cold and it's always in these cute little mugs. If anyone ever ends up in NZ, I highly recommend the hot chocolate. So much better than the watery, tongue-burning American crap.


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