Friday, July 3, 2009

He may be dead.

I'm sure nobody really reads this blog, but I figured I'll keep updating, even if just for myself to remember. Today's our last day in Queenstown. I really like it here, although I'd enjoy it more if it wasn't so cold. My body is not appreciating more winter weather in June.

Tonight we're flying to Taupo, I think. There we'll try to squeeze a lot of fun activities into very minimal time. I actually am looking forward to going back to the US, even though I love New Zealand. It will be soooo fabulous to get away from the snow, even if I'm just headed back to the gross rain (seriously, what is going on with New England weather these past two years?) And I'm looking forward to seeing all my family and friends again. Plus, once I get back, there's about a week until Harry Potter!!! Yesss!

This is random, but one of the many things I love about NZ is how clean all the gas stations are here. And the people who work there look more like happy middle-aged moms and less like someone who couldn't even get hired by Wal-Mart. So yeah, that's cool.

I'm at an internet cafe place right now, so I still can't upload photos, but I'll get to that as soon as possible. For now, I leave you with a very educational video on NZ accents.



    and omg snow!!! that must be so crazy. I'M EXCITED TO HEAR ALL ABOUT YOUR ADVENTURES IN PERSON IN 2 MONTHS!

  2. i follow both yours and billy's blogs religiously!

    i'm having a hard time believing that two weeks is almost over, it's gone by so fast. it'll be good to have you back in the US though, we are seriously missing your presence! i can't wait to see you soon and hear all about everything.

    and i, too, have been freaking out about harry potter coming out. OMG!

  3. Thanks Laura! This trip has been going really fast, I agree. But I'm excited to come back to the US and see everyone again. Can't wait to visit you!