Sunday, May 31, 2009

An unapologetic essay on why I am so obsessed with Third Eye Blind

This photo was taken by Stephen Albanese, a really talented photographer. It's hard to see in this size, but my roommates and I are in the crowd, and we were pretty proud to find ourselves in the picture.

A lot of people roll their eyes whenever I announce I'll be going to another Third Eye Blind show. Yes, just about everyone has a favorite band or musician but not everyone can comprehend the need to see the same group over and over again. I've seen 3EB 14 times so far (but of course there will be more) but compared to some of my college buddies, that's nothing.

But OK, so I admit that I have an addiction to 3EB shows. They're the only band that I will follow around on tour.

Honestly, for me there is nothing like the feeling of anticipation before Stephan Jenkins & Co. strut out on stage. Sure the set list doesn't change too much, and SJ cracks a lot of the same jokes. But every live show is a unique experience and I remember each of them vividly. UNH was the first time I ever saw them. Babson College was the first time I met the guys. Bamboozle '09 was just plain kickass. And that's only three of them. So as I wait impatiently for the lights to dim and the screaming to start, I wonder what I'll remember about this show. But no matter what happens, I know I'll go home feeling completely head over heels in love with my favorite band in the world. And needless to say, that's a damn good feeling.

I love the familiarity of their live show. It's like reuniting with four long-lost friends. No matter who long or short the time has been since the last time I saw them, everything's the same. Stephan's rock star antics, Tony's whacky faces, the couch that they all jam on. It's the little details that are comforting yet still exciting somehow. Not that every show is exactly the same--it's the spontaneous moments and set list surprises that keep it all fresh.

Never before have I loved a band as intensely as I love Third Eye Blind. The lyrics, the music, the live show, the guys themselves (well, sometimes). Like how one of the Band-Aids says in Almost Famous: "They don't even know what it is to be a fan. Y'know? To truly love some silly little piece of music, or some band, so much that it hurts." Well said.

The music reminds me of the past while still looking forward to the future (so I can see them again, obviously). It sounds good in the summer sunshine and in the bitter New England winters. When I'm sad, the music sounds sad but when I'm happy, nothing sounds cheerier. The music transcends every emotion I feel. I hope everyone finds their own 3eb some day.

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  1. " but my roommate and I "
    excuse you you need to change this to roommates because even though my head is blocked, I am there!!!

    and as you know, I feel you on this completely, even though my favorite band is a different one :)